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Random Acts of Masturbation

IMG_4926This show is all about keeping it classy.. Just kidding!

Emily is joined in the studio by a surprise guest who is no stranger to talking sex. Mike Catherwood, well-known radio personality and one half of the Loveline dream team, stops by to talk love and masturbation.. Among other things.


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How to Tell A Naked Man What To Do with Candida Royalle

CandidaEmily has special guest Candida Royalle on the show, a sex-positive pioneer in the adult film industry and the original inventor of couples’ erotica. They cover a variety of topics, including Candida’s ground breaking company, Femme Productions, the ever-changing adult industry, the benefits of couples’ porn and tips to becoming sexually empowered.


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Snow White XXX: A Pornographic Fairy Tale

Bj1G3kvCUAAFXN1.jpg-largeIt’s movie night with your sweetheart and you’re both feeling a little too frisky to throw on Frozen again.. What to do? It might be time to check out the most recent addition to Wicked Pictures’ new Wicked Fairy Tales collection! New to Wicked Pictures, but certainly no stranger to the Parody Porn genre, Axel Braun starts off strong with his first erotic fairy tale, Snow White XXX. The high-budget film boasted an all-star cast, high-quality production and enough steamy sex scenes to make you forget your childhood ties to the tale. After watching the movie in it’s entirety, I can definitely confirm that it delivers on all counts. And let me tell you, this ain’t no Disney princess film.

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Porn From A Different View

thumbIf I have said once, I have said it a million times: We are a society obsessed with orgasms. And yet, I can’t remember the last porno I watched that actually captured the magic and ecstasy of an orgasm, without a quick cut to the ever-popular, close-up “money shot”. In truth, the orgasm is the main event of any sexual act; it’s what we’re there for in the first place! So why isn’t there porn out there that does the Big O justice? Well, thanks to a group of open-minded Australians, that experience can be captured and viewed in the same fashion as any other XXX online feature.

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Episode 267 – Why She’s Faking It

Emily welcomes special guest Nicole Daedone, author of “Slow Sex – The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm.” She explains the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation (OMing), and how 15 minutes a day can lead to better sex. Nicole provides us with a map to the clitoris, discussing the benefits of stroking, how to tell she’s faking it, and the stroke to make her fall in love. Then, it’s onto topics like infidelity, why we love free porn, breaking down your fear of the vagina, and the joy of sex without orgasm.


Pizza & Porn Party

By: Erin
Monday we were discussing the best post-sex activities, then the interns were assigned to watch porn over a glass of wine. Best double shift ever.
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