Where Did My Orgasm Go?

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my orgasm

Attention: the orgasm has left the building. What does it mean when you can orgasm with one partner, but not another? Or when you can squirt, but not climax? How do we create those delicious sensations, without getting too up in our head about it?
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On today’s Hotline Calls show, we’re talking all about orgasm and how to unlock it. I answer your questions on how to orgasm for the first time (at any age), what to do when you’re unable to orgasm with a new partner, how overall health affects your ability to climax, and how to create masturbation routines that support the orgasms you deserve.
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Show Notes:
Je Joue Mimi Soft
Episode: Best Of: Sexually Fit w/ Mind Pump
Episode: Seducing The Booty w/ Alicia Sinclair
b-Vibe: Premium anal play products for next-level butt-gasms.
Dame Pom is great for exploration. Eva for a couples toy
We-Vibe Nova II for internal and external pleasure
Pjur Lube