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sex dreams blog sex with emilyHave you every had some weird dreams? Maybe you’re back in middle school, or you find yourself on the top of a mountain, or your teeth fall out? Dreams are complex and the way our subconscious minds works is mysterious, and tough to understand.

The exact meanings of our dreams is largely a mystery. But there are many schools of thought on dream interpretation, and there is a lot we can learn from our nighttime reveries. Your mental, physical, and emotional health can creep into your dreams and make them do strange things. Plus, when your dreams get sexual, you can wake up with a lot of confusion, and maybe even a little arousal.

So let’s skip the No-Doze and face our sexual Freddie Kruegers head on! Here are some things your mind might be trying to say to you while you’re sleeping.

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We all have sex dreams. Sometimes they’re super-weird and we’d rather just forget they happened. Other times, they’re super-hot and are worthy of being saved forever in your secret spank bank. If you’ve ever been confused, excited, or just plain freaked out by a sex dream, you’re not alone;  and there are even experts to figure out what they mean!

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