The 10 Hottest Moments of 2021

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2021, we hardly knew ya. Just kidding, we totally did, and we’ve got the FaceTime sex to prove it. All year long, we’ve been saving up the very best moments of Sex With Emily, so you can walk into 2022 more sex-wise than ever. From squirting to sex dreams, Nikki Glaser to Esther Perel, we’re doing a hot flashback of YOUR most talked-about episodes. 

On this show, we’ve banked the top pieces of sex wisdom from hands-down incredible guests. Discover your dating style, locate the g-spot once and for all, and build your sexual confidence with some of the smartest (and funniest) voices out there. Before you create your New Year’s resolution list, be sure to listen to this one – because I guarantee you, their advice will elevate your 2022. 


Show Notes:

So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had Sex by Ian Kerner

To Find Your Chronotype

Female Ejaculation & The G Spot by Deborah Sundahl