To Sext or Not to Sext? 5 Rules for Safe Sexting

when-to-sext-w724To sext or not to sext? That is the question… At least, it used to be. These days, it seems like everyone has a naughty text or two stored in their inbox and according to recent research, this assumption is not far off. One 2015 study in particular surveyed 870 Americans, 88% of whom admitted to sexting at least once in their life. And these weren’t just millennials!

With the rise in dating apps and social media, it’s no surprise that sexting has become a pivotal part of the mating process. When done correctly, sexting can be seen as the modern-day equivalent of a steamy love letter, minus the debilitating hand cramp (Unless of course… Well, you know!) But send the wrong sext to the wrong person and you’ll be forever saved in their mind as awkward, offensive or downright skeezy.

So how do you know if your sexually explicit message will be received with a sizzle or returned with a restraining order? The success of any sext comes down to two important factors: content and context. What are you sexting? Why are you sexting it? And who are you sending sexually explicit messages to?

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Your Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex (Part 2)


Continued from “Your Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex (Part 2)

Here at Sex With Emily, we spend a lot of time answering listener questions and we love every minute of it! So this week, we wanted to do something different. We flipped the script and put out a question to all of you:

“What makes truly mind-blowing sex?”

We asked listeners, followers (from Facebook and Twitter) and overall fans of Emily to think back to an amazing sexual encounter and tell us what made it so incredible.

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The Lost Art of the Tease

IMG_5856Teasing always gets a bad rap when it comes to dating, but when it comes to sex, it’s the best thing, since well sex.

Teasing is the best way to start up something steamy and the longer you savor the suspense, the better.

You know those delicious moments leading up to sex? Imagine if you could prolong all that sexual tension, the sizzling sense of anticipation and draw it out until you just can’t take it anymore. You have to have each other right then, right there, right now

This is why I’m teaching you the art of teasing.

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Tease Your Way to Better Sex

Tonight’s show is all about the art of teasing. Those delicious moments that lead to sex, the heightened sexual tension and the sizzling anticipation is a huge part of what turns good sex into mind-blowing sex. Emily gives you the tips you need to become the master of the tease! She and Anderson also discuss a sexual trend that’s really taking off and answer a listener email on how to touch her breasts so it actually feels good.

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Breaking Into Bondage

When you think of bondage, what comes to mind? Do you picture a slow and sensual seduction between you and your lover? Or does your mind immediately go to whips, ball gags and a plethora of leather?

Ever since the introduction of BDSM into the mainstream, people have become increasingly curious about the world of dominance and submission. Unfortunately many have developed the impression that this form of sex is intense, scary and often times violent. However, not all domination scenarios read like a chapter from 50 Shades of Grey– By starting off with something simple and sexy, like bondage, you and your partner can get a feel for this steamy sex trend and figure out just how far you’re willing to go with it.

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Go Down On Her Like You Mean It

Go down on her Unless your tongue is broken, there’s absolutely no excuse not to go down on her, especially if she’s going down on you. And if there is one thing women love it’s oral sex. With your tongue on her clitoris and your eyes looking into her eyes, go down on her with these six orgasmic-inducing tips.Tease tease tease.

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10 Tips on How to Kiss

How to Kiss

Some people never learn how to kiss. Their tongue darts down your throat or flaps weakly in your mouth. They kiss you with clenched lips or they open their mouth so wide your face is suctioned into their gaping mouth.

I don’t care if you can’t get it up to save your life, you orgasmed after 30 seconds, or your penis shriveled up inside of you. You’re not defeated if you can learn how to kiss (and successfully give her cunnilingus). Not that men are the only ones who need some pointers on kissing.

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Teasing is the classic way to start up something steamy– and the longer you savor the suspense, the better. The sexiest teasing sessions draw on all the senses.

Here’s an excerpt from my book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight on teasing because teasing can be incredibly sexy when it’s done right…

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SWE – Pleasing, Teasing

Emily prepares a speech for a singles convention and Menace is resentful of hot women (no surprise here). How Emily handles Valentine’s Day, “expiration dating”, and teasing your partner sexually without being annoying. Emily talks about how long foreplay should last and why it’s important.

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