Tease Your Way to Better Sex

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Tonight’s show is all about the art of teasing. Those delicious moments that lead to sex, the heightened sexual tension and the sizzling anticipation is a huge part of what turns good sex into mind-blowing sex. Emily gives you the tips you need to become the master of the tease! She and Anderson also discuss a sexual trend that’s really taking off and answer a listener email on how to touch her breasts so it actually feels good.

The two start off with a conversation about what makes really good sex. According to Emily, it involves a lot of foreplay before and some cuddling after. According to Anderson, all sex is good sex. Also, why are so many couples getting busy in airports? And what information does your significant other probably not want to hear?

Next it’s on to a lesson is teasing. Teasing starts before you even hit the bedroom; anywhere and anytime the mood strikes you. From sexy texts to lingerie to bringing a blindfold into play, Emily suggests a few simple things to amplify your everyday teasing session and turn up the heat on your relationship.

Along with the help of Anderson, Emily provides some very sensual tips on how to become a breast-whisperer and hopefully give your partner the elusive breastgasm! Emily shares her biggest post-sex pet peeve, and explains why sex is never a waste of time.

Want to know how to keep some mystery in your relationship? Or what therapy and anal sex could possibly have in common? Tune in to the latest Podcast for these answers and more!

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