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So many med are culprits of this selfish sex act. It’s one of our biggest pet peeves, leaving only one party satisfied. In this video series, Emily walks you through the 5 biggest mistakes you’re probably making in bed…#3 Doing the Jackhammer.


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Here’s the thing about masturbation: There’s no one right way to do it! Just like pizza, fro-yo or eyebrow maintenance, everyone likes it a little different, and that’s okay. In fact, I’d say it’s something worth celebrating…

Self-love has been a staple in human sexuality since the days of the ancient Rome, at least. Still, for every person who has their solo sex routine down pat, there’s someone else out there who is still struggling to find their masturbatory sweet spot. And what’s worse, there are even more people out there who are too shy to bring it up! That’s why, in honor of Masturbation Month, I want to know how YOU all show yourself the love, so to speak. Continue Reading

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