Foreplay All Day

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This week, I’m talking spanking, sexual confidence, and swingers with award winning adult entertainer Chanel Preston. This is Chanel’s second appearance on my podcast, you can listen to her first visit here, and this time we’re exploring Naked with Chanel, her new sex education based web series.

I’m giving you tips for clean anal sex, how erotica can bring you and your partner closer together and how doing Kegel exercises (especially with the Kegel Camp app) can give you stronger ejaculations. We also get into whether or not it’s difficult to date as a pornstar (or as a sex talk show host.). Plus, we’re still recovering from last week’s call about “dick cheese.”

How can you have foreplay all day? We’ll tell you how and why it will improve your sex life. We’re exploring that and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast.


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