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Listen – I get it, you might not want an actual prenup, but hear me out – how about a prenup conversation? Having these talks before you walk down the aisle can save you from a lot of headaches later on. Here’s a clip from my podcast with Laura Wasser founder of It’s Over Easy. She’s made divorce less of a struggle for everyone involved. Loved this episode so much – it’s chock-full of important information that everyone should know before tying the knot.

You can find the full episode here —>

Looking to break into the world of anal? The Aneros Helix is the perfect toy for beginners and advanced users alike. So, If you’re even slightly interested in prostate play, this is a great place to start (& don’t forget, USE LUBE!)

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Photo by Dana Tentis from Pexels

Summer is in full swing, and hopefully so is your summer sex life.

However, one of the common side effects of sticky sweaty summer is a sexual lethargy.

Don’t let the heat cool down your sex life! 

We want you to have hot sex all year round. You can try out our favorite summer sex positions, and rock all our hot summer sex tips.

But, there’s even more we want to share with you. 

Emily’s Subscription Box theme this quarter is Vacation sex, so even if you’re not heading out for a ‘real’ vacation this summer, you’ll certainly feel like you are. 

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Emily interviews b-Vibe founder Alicia Sinclaire at the ANME 2019 Convention where Alicia showcases the latest snug plugs. Together they highlight the benefits of snug plugs and why you’re limiting yourself if you just look at anal play as a penis and a butt. 

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