Hailed as “the Dr. Ruth of a new generation” by The New York Times and host of the #1 relationship podcast “Sex with Emily,” Emily Morse is leading the pleasure revolution. Come join her!

At 35, Emily decided that she was sick of living in a sexual straitjacket. Instead of depending on a partner to fulfill her needs, she committed to exploring and explaining what turned her on. Since then, she has inspired her vast audience to join her on a journey of liberation.

Now in her book, Smart Sex, she introduces a radical paradigm called sexual intelligence (Sex IQ). Classified into five pillars—embodiment, health, collaboration, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance—she creates a framework for how to re educate yourself about pleasure. Using science, research, and lived experience, she illuminates how to:

  • Exercise your biggest sex organ: the brain.
  • Improve mindset and enhance satisfaction.
  • Take a desire inventory and pinpoint your wants.
  • Combat “pleasure thieves” that impede joy.
  • Use communication as lubrication.

Though desire is a birthright, we still live in a culture that teaches us to deprioritize it. As Emily writes, “We all need to reeducate ourselves on sex and pleasure.” Emily teaches you how.