Hotline Calls: I Can’t Trust My Partner

To feel turned on, we first have to feel safe. So today, I’m taking some of my favorite Hotline calls on trust and how to repair it.


Best Of: How to Build Sexual Tension

Do you know how to build sexual tension? From focus and flirting to confidence and seduction, today’s episode teaches the art of the tease.


Love Bombing, Breadcrumbing & Modern Dating

It can be difficult to meet new people and cultivate romantic relationships. I help you solve the modern dating problems you’re running into.

faceless couple leaning in for kiss against brown wooden background with man holding pink Tiani 3 Lelo Vibrator in his right hand
Explore & Play

How to Use a Vibe With a Partner

Sex toys are having a moment, so let’s double the fun.


Find Your Sexual Voice w/ Lake Bell

Lake Bell discusses how to have an authentic bedroom voice and why dating and romance often get better with age.

BDSM & Kinks

Dating Smarter w/ Dr. Helen Fisher & Dr. Justin Garcia

Dr. Fisher and Dr. Garcia share the results of their annual Singles in America survey and why we should be more optimistic than ever about finding love.

Anal Play

Ask Emily: Oral, Orgasms & Anal

We’re talking sexual firsts: first dating app, oral sex experience, anal play, and more. I help you face your fears and expand your pleasure potential.


How to Have Game: The Dating Show

What’s the hardest part about dating? Meeting people? Making conversation? Figuring out if there’s enough chemistry? I’m here for your dating dilemmas.

Ask Emily

I Love My Partner, But My Coworker Is Hot

Got relationship drama? Don’t we all. On today’s show, I’m helping you navigate choppy relationship waters, to get to the other side safely.