Mental Health = Sexual Wealth

Whether it’s anxiety in your relationship or dissatisfaction in your sex life, I help you heal mental blocks so your sex drive can thrive.


Love, Lust & Lexapro

While antidepressants like Lexapro can be lifesaving – all too often, they can deflate our sex drive. I’ll discuss how to overcome this struggle.


Therapy: The Relationship Game-Changer

On this show, I’m giving you the therapy low-down, so you can decide whether you should try it – or, if it’s the right call for you and your partner.


The Secrets to Happier Sex w/ Dr. Amen

In this episode, Dr. Amen reveals the lies of happiness, how stress affects your sex life, how to focus on micro-moments of happiness and much much more.

woman licking lollipop
Ask Emily

Ask Emily: I Hate Giving My Partner Oral Sex

Ever had a hard time giving oral? Let’s take a few deep breaths and break it down.

illustration describing four attachment styles

What Your Attachment Style Says About Your Love Life

Attachment styles can dictate how you show up in a relationship. Here’s what you need to know.

hand of a person laying in bed

Getting Over That Gut-Wrenching Breakup

Every now and then, a breakup comes along that completely devastates and destroys you. And when this happens, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the breakup tunnel. These 5 steps to getting over it are a great place to start.


Best of: Sex In Retrograde

On today’s throwback show, I’m revisiting my 2018 interview with Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari from… Read more »

Health & Wellness
Health and Wellness

Why Black Sex Education Matters

Growing up I never received a formal sex education. I had conversations with my mom about… Read more »

black woman and white man in bed demonstrating sexual compatibility

7 Signs of Sexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility is that complex component that can elude even the strongest personal connections. It has… Read more »