AITA for Watching Porn While in a Relationship?

Ever wondered: AITA for watching porn without my partner knowing? AITA for just feeling plain bored with our sex life? I let you know.


Hotline Calls: I Can’t Trust My Partner

To feel turned on, we first have to feel safe. So today, I’m taking some of my favorite Hotline calls on trust and how to repair it.


Best & Worst Sex Advice of 2023

Not all advice is good. I review the most trending sex & relationship advice from TikTok this year and let you know if I agree or disagree.


6 Roadblocks to Sex & How to Clear Them

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Unf*ck Your Relationship w/ Gary Bishop

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Ask Emily

Take Your Sex Life from Stale to Sexy, Part 1

It’s the #1 question I get: “our sex life is stale, how do we make it hot again?” For long-term couples, this issue is so common it’s almost a cliche.

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Anal Play

Best Of: All Aboard The Booty Train

It’s time for a crash course in butt stuff. Learn how to make it easier in this all-about-anal podcast.

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You Don’t Need to Be Kinky to Have Good Sex

Let’s talk about vanilla sex. “Vanilla sex” or “vanilla” is often used to describe people whose… Read more »

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Explore & Play

The Beginner’s Guide to Role-Play

Getting bored with your typical sex routine? Role-play is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and increase heat with your partner. Here’s how to get started.