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asexuality blog sex with emilyIt is clear that our society’s view of sex has evolved over the years. One aspect of sexuality is something you might not think about is Asexuality.

The definition of asexuality is “the quality or characteristic of having no sexual feelings or desires.” While this is just one dictionary definition, there are many nuances to the term that should be explored. As we celebrate Pride month, our focus is on the LGBTQ+ community. All parts of the spectrum of sexuality should be honored and respected.  That includes Asexuality.

In this blog, we’ll at demystify the idea of asexuality, and find out why it’s important to celebrate aces during pride.

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Crazy, Stupid, LoveI believe it was Marilyn Monroe who said “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything”. Despite the fact that the international sex symbol had reportedly never experienced an orgasm of her own (I believe they call that irony) she turned out to be 100% correct in this assertion: A man with a sense of humor has the power to bring a woman much more than a clever punch line – He can bring her multiple orgasms.

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tumblr_n5dovxfM741t38daro1_1280Let’s admit it: no matter how great your sex drive is, there is always room for a little boost. Just when you thought that you
would be stuck popping horny goat weed forever, science pops up with a new enjoyable way to bump up your libido. XXX Vapor, a company specializing in vaporizer products and accessories, and targeted toward the adult entertainment market, has recently announced the launch or
a new product that does just that!
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