Slut-Shaming & Self-Blaming w/ Elise Loehnen

Author Elise Loehnen discusses the cultural forces that teach women to be desirable rather than desiring and shame themselves & other women.


6 Roadblocks to Sex & How to Clear Them

What’s holding you back from having good sex? I’m talking about the 6 most common roadblocks to sex and how to move past them.

Anal Play

Your Top Sex Fantasies, Revealed

Sexual fantasies are not only normal, they’re a key component of your sexual health. I reveal your top sex fantasies and why you have them.

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Sex + Creativity w/ Liz Goldwyn

My guest Liz Goldwyn explains how her book Sex, Health & Consciousness can help you build a sexual consciousness for a radically happier, healthier life.

Ask Emily

I Love My Partner, But My Coworker Is Hot

Got relationship drama? Don’t we all. On today’s show, I’m helping you navigate choppy relationship waters, to get to the other side safely.

couple laying next to one another

How To Be Sensitive To Sexual Trauma

It can be hard to help your partner navigate sexual trauma. Here are some tips to help you be a supportive and loving partner.

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BDSM & Bisexual Breakdown with Margaret Cho

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An Orgasm Denial Trial

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Express to Decompress with Dr. Margaret Rutherford

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