Oral Sex

Porn PSA: A Guide On What Not to Do In Bed

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Anal Play

Anal August Knockin’ At Your Backdoor

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BDSM & Kinks

Strap-On Sex & Kinky Recs with Zoë Ligon

Sex educator Zoe Ligon joins the podcast to talk about everything from mental health to strap-on sex. Two very important topics, if you ask us.


Sex Life Energy with Christian Cristiano

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Sex, Love & Robots with David Duncan

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Summer Sex Spice Up

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Power to the Penis! With Dr. Edward Karpman

If you’ve got penis problems, we’ve got answers. In this episode, Dr. Emily and Dr. Edward Karpman discuss some of the most common issues among penis-owners, as well as what you can to solve them.

Health & Wellness

Gender-Chill with Jacob Tobia

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Sexually #Open with Elle Chase

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Mind, Body & Mojo with Dana B. Myers

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