5 Ways to Have More Adventurous Sex

adventurous sexBy adventurous sex I don’t mean climbing a mountain just so you can do it hanging off a cliff. But you might want to at least leave the bedroom. Even sex can get boring if you’re doing the same thing every night. That’s why Cosmopolitan asked for my advice on how people can have more adventurous sex.




5 Adventurous Sex Ideas

1. Think Outside the Bedroom

Simply switching up your location is a novelty and will up the lust factor. Climb on the washing machine during the spin cycle, jump in the shower for some steamy sex, or take the action to the couch, which can help you bend into positions that just aren’t possible in bed (just think of what you can do some pillows and an arm
adventurous sex


2. Make a Sexy Bucket List

Write down all the possible places in your house—and outside of it—that might be fun locales for getting it on. Then, over the course of a month, see how many places you can cross off your list.


adventurous sex
adventurous sex


3. Eyeball Porn

Watching erotic films together is not only a turn on but it can be a great tool to explore some new moves to try in the bedroom. Turn on a steamy flick that you feel comfortable with, and use it as a guide to tell you guys what turns you on and what you’re dying to try with him.


 adventurous sex


4. Share Your Toys

Your favorite sex toy doesn’t need to be reserved for personal pleasure. Rev up your between-the-sheets action by inviting your go-to toy to play along. Bonus for him: The vibration can feel really good for your guy, too. My favorite couples toy is the Je Joue MiMi because it’s subtle with powerful vibrations.


5. Try a Little Bondage

Relinquishing control with bondage can be a huge turn on and you can easily have some major O-inducing fun. Start with your partner lying face down, then blindfold him and bind his wrists above his head with a neck tie or scarf. Then, give him a sensual massage using oil.


adventurous sex

Remember, life is an adventure. Enjoy it by having sex in as many places as possible. Don’t forget to bring some props and an open mind.

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