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Ask Emily: What is a Penis Ring and Why Should I Use It?

The single tool that can make all the difference.

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Explore & Play

How to Use a Vibe With a Partner

Sex toys are having a moment, so let’s double the fun.

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Health & Wellness

The Basics of Safe Sex

No thanks, STI’s + Unwanted Pregnancy

magic wand mini on neon pink block on yellow surface with green background and neon pink round shape

I Gave My Friend a Magic Wand Mini. Here’s Why.

My friend confessed she was giving up on sex toys…I told her I might have something that could help. The Magic Wand Mini.

closeup shot of mouth with tongue licking top lip

The 7 Secrets of Making Out

From prep to dirty talk, here are 7 ways to master your makeout.

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6 Ways to Improve Sleep for Better Sex

Strategies to improve your sleep hygiene, for better rest and better sex.

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9 Ways to Elevate Your Solo Sex

Hands up if you masturbate. Good! Very healthy.

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BDSM & Kinks

A Submissive’s Guide to Being Dominant

Here are 5 ways a sub can lean into their power-hungry side.