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Love your Kegels and don’t ignore your pelvic floor either – WHY, you ask? You’ll have stronger and longer orgasms and that whole “sneeze and pee” thing will subside. My Kegel hacks are not only beneficial for your body, there’s pleasure involved too.

Sometimes, we get SO busy and sex is the last thing on our minds and we just think “It’s OK, I’ll get back to it later” – I’m sharing a few sexy hacks to get back on that sexy track.

Any position can be made better with a simple move of the leg or pillow under the hips. Seriously, it makes things a lot more comfortable, and everything matches up so much better. Think about as Sexual Geometry! Just like in pool, the smallest angle change can make the biggest difference.

And you thought sex toys were only designed for a singular purpose…GET CREATIVE, HAVE FUN, and EXPERIENCE A LOT OF PLEASURE while experimenting! I’m excited to share a few of my favorite sex toy hacks – let me know yours in the comments below.

Babies are cute, little bundles of joy that become the apple of our eye. But after 9 months of caring a growing human inside of you, pushing it out during labor, and staying up long, exhausting hours, sex usually gets thrown on the back burner. Even when your doctor gives you the sex green light, none of these things are a great recipe for a high sex drive.

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