Initiate Sex

The number one complaint I hear from men is that their partner does not initiate sex enough.

Women are taught from a young age not to take the lead. Never pay for a date, open the door for yourself, call a man first, or initiate sex first. 

Outdated chivalry carries over to the bedroom. Men are often the first to initiate sex, and it’s not necessarily because men want sex more than women.

As a woman who has interviewed thousands of other women,  I can tell you that women think about sex quite a bit. We like intercourse, oral sex, fooling around and orgasms just as much as men.

However, many women don’t realize that it’s completely empowering to take the lead and initiate sex. Trust me, if you start touching his penis he’s probably not going to reject you. If anything, resounding applause will erupt in his head.

If you’re a guy and want your girlfriend to initiate more, talk to her about it. Tell her it would be really hot if one day she jumped you right when you walked in the door. Tell her it’s one of your fantasies. She’ll like that your fantasy is all about her.

For my female friends who have never made the first move, just go for it. When he walks in the door go over to him and start kissing him and work your way down.  Surprise him with oral sex, a sensual massage or maybe just a long passionate kiss. See where it takes you and don’t over-think it. Initiative is the only way to bring your sex life to a new, empowering level.

Image from my book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight!

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