Your Sexy Spring Break Survival Guide


Spring time is finally upon us, meaning a time for fresh starts and new beginnings! For many singles, spring is also the perfect time to cut loose and celebrate making it through another dreary winter, which means plenty of sun, sand and sexual adventures. And since it’s the season for warm days and wild nights, what better place to spend them than some tropical destination with all of your friends.. Yes, I am referring to the infamous Spring Break!

But before you go galavanting off on your fabulous getaway with nothing but a bathing suit, some sunglasses and a carton of Red Bull, here are some tips to help you have the safe and sexy Spring Break of your dreams..

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How to Please A Penis Princess

IMG_5923Today we’re talking all about those picky penises in your life. I give tips for  both men and women to help you please those high-maintenance members, and make sure both parties leave happy. Also, why don’t more women carry condoms? Why are so many millennials stuck in relationship limbo? And what 11 lessons should you never learn from porn?


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Delivery for a Cause

c644149a90241396e9dee8545b774851To all you city dwellers; late night delivery service isn’t just about pizza or your favorite dish from the Chinese restaurant down the street. For those in a time crunch, condoms are now the new delivery commodity. Founder Talia Frenkel started the 1 hour condom delivery company L. or L. Condoms in her efforts to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and research. In the last decade many surveys taken by high school students in the U.S. have shown a ten percent drop in the number of students who use condoms. We often brush off the consequences of unprotected sex until it is far from too late. Talia’s passion for promoting protected sex stemmed from her career. As a well known photojournalist, she travelled the world and began to form a very strong attachment to those affected by this abundant epidemic. She had a front row seat to photographing tsunamis, earthquakes, many natural disasters, poverty stricken towns, and a plethora of sick individuals. Capturing a multitude of photos and freezing moments in time of those suffering from this disease, Talia invented a way for anyone to able to practice safe sex. Promoting the idea that “…safe sex is our human right.”

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Preserve the Love

Wear a condom. That’s the message that Japanese “Photographer Hal” is trying to convey in a recent ad campaign.

Japanese sex shop, Condomania, features couples vacuum-sealed together and the results are memorable to say the least. The models are arranged inside empty futon bags, positioned in the most eye-catching position and it’s then that Hal begins taking pictures. How do they breath? Good question. The assistant photographer provides models with sips of oxygen from a can between shots.

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Sir Richard’s Condoms

Sir Richard’s Condom Company makes me want to wrap up in flannel and make passionate love in a cozy log cabin. The perfect combination of hipster and do-gooder, Sir Richard’s cruises around Boulder, Colorado (Sir Richard’s HQ) in an adorable plaid Volkswagen Van and gives away condoms to developing countries. Please marry me Sir Richard’s! Or at least take me for a ride in your sweet love mobile.


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