Why Gut Health is Sexy w/ Tina Anderson

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In today’s gut-busting episode I dive deep into the tango between your belly’s bacteria and your sexual wellness. And who better to guide us through this intestinal intrigue than Tina Anderson, the gut guru and CEO of Just Thrive, the brand whose mission is to reboot your microbiome. Prepare to have your life changed as Tina spills the beans on how bacteria in your gut really calls the shots, influencing everything from your mood swings to your mojo. 

Buckle up, lovers and health hackers, as we explore the steamy science that’ll have you rethinking your next date night dinner. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What low libido, keeping the spark alive, erectile challenges, and gut issues all have in common
  • How hormones and the gut biome each affect each other in a bi-directional system
  • Why the 3 pleasure thieves (stress, trauma, and shame) also impact our general health and wellness

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