Ejaculation Education w/ Gabrielle Blair

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Why is it that vulva owners are the ones tasked with preventing pregnancy? That’s the burning question we’ve all been thinking about since 2017. 

On today’s throwback show, we’re diving into this hot topic with Gabrielle Stanley Blair, the mastermind behind a viral thread and the book, Ejaculate Responsibly. Joining us is my dear friend, anthropologist, and author, Dr. Wednesday Martin, to help unpack this loaded discussion. In our post-Roe world, Gabrielle—mother of six and a devout Mormon—is fiercely advocating for the importance of women’s lives and their pleasure. Get ready for an eye-opening conversation!

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How society pressures vulva owners to become mothers
  • Why MORE sex ed leads to LESS unwanted pregnancies
  • How to talk to young penis owners about ejaculating responsibly

Show Notes:

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