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Emily may have just dressed up five nights in a row for Halloween and Menace was nominated to be a Prom King, but don’t worry, today’s show is all about grown up topics. A rather young listener has trouble leaving a relationship and entering a new one, so Emily has some advice on how to break up. Menace starts a 30 day Starbucks challenge to “see what happens,” so he might not be the best source of advice for making mature decisions… Continue Reading


Emily announces that her Reality TV Show on Bravo “Miss Advised” will air on June 18th at 10 pm. Better tune in.

Menace returns from Las Vegas and unsurprisingly did not get laid. Emily shares not only how to be best friends with your ex, but also how to make him your dog’s baby daddy. It happens.

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Emily’s is excited because she has lots of dates coming up. Hopefully none of them are living with their mother. Also, science gets closer to understanding the female orgasm.

Family law attorney, Erik Newton, joins the show and talks about the truths behind the “7 year itch” in marriage, Facebook’s influence on divorce, and what you have to discuss with your partner before getting married. Also, can making a prenuptial agreement be romantic?

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