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On today’s show Emily is joined by guest co-host, sex educator, and author of Curvy Girl Sex, Elle Chase. Together, the two navigate the tricky tides of body acceptance, the power of porn and so much more! Continue Reading


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We talk A LOT about issues surrounding the female sex drive, but we rarely discuss what it’s like for the person in the passenger seat. On today’s show, we’re unpacking this topic of low libido from a different angle and we’ve got Dr. Ian Kerner on the line to help provide a little insight.

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IMG_0239Dear Emily,

I became interested in sex and masturbation at a very young age and I’ve always felt that I have very heightened sexual energy. The problem is, I’ve had a hard time finding guys who share the same intensity about it as I do. I always end up being the one who needs it more often, and past boyfriends have even labeled me as “sex obsessed.”

I have been dating a guy for several months and the sex has been great so far. At the beginning of the relationship, we would jump each other every chance we got, but lately the sex has become less and less frequent. I’m scared to tell him that I want it more because I really enjoy spending time with him and I’m afraid he will judge me. I don’t want to seem like a “nympho”—another thing I have been called in the past.

Am I really too obsessed with having sex? How do I approach the situation without scaring my boyfriend away?

 Sincerely, Carrie

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pictureperfectYou hear questions about mismatched libidos all the time on my podcast—One partner naturally desires sex more than the other, and resentments begin to build. So what does it actually feel like to be the partner who wants sex less?
Pam shares an important lesson she learned about her own struggle with desire and its affects on her marriage in the latest Down to There blog… 

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The story itself is very familiar: Girl meets boy, they fall in love, get married and start a family. Then one day, they realize that their sex life is no longer the stuff of fairytales (or steamy romance novels, as the case may be).
Somewhere between building a life, building careers and building a beautiful family, sex somehow falls by the wayside. This becomes even more difficult when one partner’s sex drive remains steady while the others drops to a slow drizzle. What is a couple to do when sex becomes the biggest issue in an otherwise picture perfect partnership?

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