Why Do Couples Stop Having Sex? w/ Esther Perel

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Esther Perel is one of the most fascinating contemporary thinkers on sex and relationships. A psychotherapist and two-time bestselling author, she’s the host of the “Where Should We Begin?” podcast, which takes you inside the therapist’s office and lets you listen in on her sessions with clients. Esther is noticing some important changes in sex and relationships. Non-monogamy is becoming more common as a relationship model: why? And is it right for everyone? How about ”family-alization” – when couples start looking at each other like siblings or roommates, how do you bring the sexual spark back? Especially if you’ve never had it in the first place? Finally, how do we revive our sensual selves when we’re immersed in technology? Can we use it to turn each other on instead of numbing ourselves?

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