Hotline Calls: How Do I Initiate Sex After a Dry Spell?

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Initiating sex, dry spells, and mismatched libidos: the Hotline Calls are open, and your sex questions are answered! Today’s sexual concerns are especially relatable: I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced one of these yourself. Let’s start with orgasms. When you can only get off in one very specific position, how can you retrain your body and mind? I give you tips on switching up your technique. Next: coming out of a sexual dry spell, how do you learn to initiate again? I help you collaborate with your partner. When you’re always a top (the more dominant one during sex), how can you tell your partner that you’d like to bottom (be more submissive) occasionally? I walk you through that conversation. Finally, when your spouse has next to zero interest in sex, what now? I offer insights on changing your relationship patterns to experience mutual pleasure and compatibility.

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