Sex Outside the Box with Chris Donaghue

IMG_8991On this week’s Sex With Emily podcast, Emily welcomes New York native, sex & relationship therapist, author, and television personality Dr. Chris Donaghue to discuss some common questions in sexuality and intimacy. Is it okay to be a little extra kinky?  What is normal (sexually speaking)? Together, they go in depth about our sociosexual obsession with being “normal,” and brief us on the importance of sexual deprogramming. Dr. Chris talks about his new book Sex Outside The Lines and how he got into sex therapy, not to mention his TURN ONS and TURN OFFS.

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Beyond the Bedroom: A Healthy Sex Discussion

flyer-promoIsn’t it about time for an open conversation about sex, beyond the limits of the actual bedroom? I’m excited to be a part of this amazing event, “Beyond the Bedroom”, taking place November 5th at The Body Well in West Hollywood:

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On the Mic and In the Sheets With Your New Boyfriend

Boyfriend – noun: 1. a male friend or a male companion in a romantic or sexual relationship
2. a blunt, frequently hilarious sex positive white female rapper based out of New Orleans

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