Open Relationships, Edging, and Bisexuality with Jason Ellis and Nico Tortorella

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It’s Alternative August at Sex With Emily and that means I’m focusing on all the alternative ways to be in a “relationship.” Whether you’re open, polyamorous, swinging or you just need new ways to approach a relationship in a pandemic, Alt August is here for you. In this podcast, I talk to my guests about their open relationships and how they navigate their boundaries, attraction, and transcend jealousy.
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First, in these interviews from 2017, I talk to actor and model Nico Tororella about his fluid sexuality and the open communication required in his relationships. Then I speak with my friend and colleague at SiriusXM, Australian radio host, professional skateboarder, and MMA fighter Jason Ellis about his open relationship and how to put your partner first in a threesome. You’ll be surprised to hear how different Jason and Nico’s boundaries are, even in open relationships. Thinking about making your relationship a little more alternative? Listen to find out which ideas & boundaries feel right for you!

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