Bisexuality & Polyamory w/ Boyslut Zachary Zane

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Ever wondered if there’s more to your sexuality than you ever realized? Or relationship models that challenge everything you’re used to? Men’s Health and Cosmo sex columnist Zachary Zane has been there. As a self-proclaimed “boyslut,” he’s radically open about his journey as a bisexual, polyamorous man and tells all in his forthcoming book: BOYSLUT: A Memoir and Manifesto. He shares how he came to understand his attraction to all genders, his experience living in a polycule, why it’s healthy for all of us to get used to rejection, and how bisexuality for men is gaining more visibility. He also helps me answer your questions on exploring bisexuality while in a long-term relationship, how to respond if you’re in a hetero relationship and your partner tells you they’re bisexual, and how to find casual, no strings attached sex.

Show Notes: