10 Sex Positions for Your Summer Bucket List

two naked bodies in a pool

It’s finally summer and we’re vaxxed, waxed, and ready to have sex. Let’s be honest: after the past year, a sexy summer is something we all desperately need. We can go out in public! Hang out with people who aren’t our family members or roommates! And, most importantly, release some of the (sexual) tension we’ve accumulated over the past year and a half. Whether you’re partnered up this summer or partaking in Hot Girl/Guy/Non-Binary Summer, here are some fun sex positions for your seasonal bucket list.

1. Watermelon Sugar

This iconic Harry Styles’ song might be a year old now, but there’s no denying that it’s the oral sex anthem we’re singing this summer. The receiver can sit on the edge of a bed or couch, and the giver sits on the floor to give some sugar. (Since heat usually rises, it’s easier to breathe and work when you’re closer to the ground, anyway.) Make things even sweeter by adding some flavored lube to the experience. 

When going down on your partner, be sure to keep tabs on their moans or other pleasure noises. Experiment with tongue flicking and sucking and repeat what seems to be working. It’s the best picnic you’ll have all summer.


2. The Arc de Triomphe

Pardon my French, but this position f-ing rocks for penis and vulva owners. To mimic this iconic monument, have your partner sit down with their legs extended and then get on top and straddle them. Once you’re comfortable, lean all the way back and arch your back until you’re laying on their legs. The seated partner can penetrate you with their penis or fingers. You can lay your head between their legs and hold onto them for extra support or the sitting partner can lean towards you while they thrust. 

For even more pleasure, squeeze your legs together—this intensifies the penetration and allows the sensitive parts of the vulva to feel heightened sensations. Or reverse so that your partner gets a great view of your derriere. It feels amazing and looks like a sex scene in an erotic foreign film… Voilà!


3. Motion of the Ocean 

Let’s be honest: many of us love the feeling of being carried, but it’s often not the easiest way to have sex. But if you’re in a body of water? Boom—there goes the hassle, making this one of our favorite summer sex positions. Take a dip in your pool or at the beach (making sure there’s no one around) and have your partner pick you up for a weightless and sensual experience. From the waist up, it’ll seem like a sensuous and innocent makeout sesh–perfect for when you’re skinny dipping or dipping your toes into some voyeurism. If you’re in a hot tub, one partner can sit while the other straddles, or you can flow through the water and enjoy the pulsating vibes of the jets against your skin.

If you’re not one to have sex in water (we get that), opt for hand stuff the next time you take a dip in the pool/ocean/hot tub. It’s just as sexy, and might even build up some tension to continue playtime when you’re back on land.


4. Sun Dress Challenge

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a position, but it’s a fun challenge. Essentially, this involves someone wearing a loose dress and exploring new positions and locations for spontaneous sex sessions. Not only is it a hot look, but wearing a sundress (or any clothing item) during sex adds an element of flirty play. If you’re the dress-wearer, have your partner slip their hands under your skirt for some finger play, sit on their lap, or encourage them to bend you over for spontaneous doggy-style.

The best part about this challenge is that it can be done almost anywhere. In a hotel elevator on the way up to your room? Have your partner (quickly and discreetly) slide in. If you’re more comfortable with privacy, the sundress challenge is also perfect for at-home play. You can climb onto your partner’s lap after you finish up a work-from-home meeting or coyly bend over (bonus points if you’re commando) when in the kitchen.


5. Post-Beach Shower Sex

There’s nothing like a hot shower after a long day at the beach. Make it a little steamier by having your partner join you—you’ll sneak in some sexy time and save water. If your shower space is limited, face the same wall as your partner and enjoy some “from behind” play. You can bend over and put your hands on your knees or the wall for added support, or use the shower head as a built-in sex toy. 

The shower is also a great opportunity to engage in some mutual masturbation. Take turns lathering one another up and then pleasuring yourselves. (Got kids or roommates? The shower is the perfect place to mask the sounds of moaning!) By the end, you’ll both be glowing–from both the sun and the quickie.


6. Doggy-Style

If the heat is getting to you, this position can help you cool down, as you don’t need to be close to any covers for this summer sex position.

You can get on all fours on the bed or even the floor, and have your partner penetrate you from behind. If you’re receiving, try leaning back into your partner to control the intensity and depth of penetration. If you have a clitoris, lay on your stomach and play with yourself with your partner rocks back and forth.

Bonus: get a fan or A/C that is pointed toward you and your partner’s faces to cool off as you get off.


7. A Natural High

Unleash your primal side with some sex outdoors. While you’ll obviously want to opt for as much privacy as possible, there are totally ways to get it on outside. Pack a small towel or blanket the next time you’re on a hike, and take a detour to a secluded area for some spur-of-the-moment playtime. If you’ve got the time and privacy, sit on your partner’s lap and rock back and forth or play with more traditional (but intimate) positions, like missionary. Only have a few minutes? Opt for a quick standing sex sesh, using a rock, boulder, or tree for support. 

Don’t forget to bite your lips to stay quiet—you don’t want to draw the attention of any other hikers, park rangers, or (of course) animals!


8. Solo Water Play

When it comes to summer sex positions, remember that you don’t need a partner to experience pleasure. Fill your tub or an inflatable pool with enough water to cool you down and get a waterproof toy to play with–we suggest Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator by Je Joue. This toy’s ergonomic shape helps to explore and play with your erogenous zones and stimulates your vulva with precision and control. 

Another great option is to explore solo, outdoor shower sex. You’ll get the privacy of having an enclosed shower plus the thrill of being outside.


9. Ice, Ice, Baby

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to integrate ice play. You know how amazing it feels to drink cold water after an intense cardio workout? That’s exactly the feeling we want to channel. Try standing sex in front of an open fridge—the carton of oat milk won’t judge. For a more intense experience, incorporate some ice by dragging it across your partner’s skin. Go from their lips to their chest, and all the way down to their genitals. You might also suck on an ice cube and then perform oral. The cool feelings add new sensations that feel equally shocking and exciting. 


10. Voyeurs on Vacation

When the summer temperatures start to creep up, the last thing you want is to share your partner’s body heat. Enter, mutual masturbation—a great way to connect and experience without even touching one another. Sit across one another on the bed or on the couch and slowly begin touching yourselves, describing how good it feels and how much you love watching your partner. (Check out our Mutual Masturbation Guide for extra tips.)

Wanna cool it down as things get steamy? Aim your fan or A/C onto both of you and enjoy the chill (and hot) vibes.

For more position ideas, check out Dr. Emily’s book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.  

María Lysandra Hernández is a writer and book lover from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. She received her BA degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing with a minor in Global and Post-Colonial Studies at Emerson College. She now lives in Los Angeles, and her work has been published in Anomaly, Raíz Magazine and Are We Okay? A Memoir. Follow her on Instagram for more.