4 Ways To Use a Blindfold

woman hands over eyes as blindfold

Relying on our eyesight in the bedroom can make sex a captivating visual, but there’s more to mind-blowing sex than meets the eye. In fact, one of the simplest way to unlock your body’s full potential is to actually hide your gaze by using a blindfold. Don’t believe me? Grab a silk tie or a dark-colored scarf and try it out.

Covering your eyes takes away one of your primary senses, but amplifies the remaining four. Without the power of sight to rely on, every lingering touch and soft whisper is magnified for your pleasure, forcing you to pay attention to every move that you and your lover make. Instead of relying on your eyes to guide you, you can let your body do the talking as you discover the hidden language of your senses.

On top of that, donning a blindfold can actually lower your inhibitions, allowing you to try out things you might have been too shy to do in the past. There’s something about the dark that makes us feel more wild and less self-conscious—qualities that can lead to some seriously hot sex! Once you realize exactly how hot it is to surrender visual control, you’ll be ready for the full experience.

Whether you’re the blindfolded or the blindfold-er, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Here are four hot ways to use a blindfold on your next sexy night in.

Cue the foreplay.

A considerate lover knows that any successful romp must be accompanied by an appropriate warm-up, and using a blindfold is no different. Testing the waters is crucial to easing you or your partner into a trance of pleasure—You have to wake up those senses and prepare them for what’s to come, after all!

For this one, let’s assume that your lover is the one wearing the mask. Start with your hands and begin by touching them all over. Vary between light strokes and deeper rubs. Tease you partner’s most sensitive zones, letting your hands venture into areas they usually skip. Since they don’t know what’s coming next, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Maybe throw in a little oral sex to really give them a taste of what’s to come! The point is to keep them wanting more as the anticipation grows.

Surprise your lover.

Once the senses are wide awake, it’s time to try some new moves. Offer your partner a range of new and exciting sensations, which are now totally magnified thanks to the blindfold. Start with something soft and light, like a feather tickler, and then explore more intense options, like spanking.

Another creative way to wow your partner is to experiment with a bit of temperature play. Rub an ice cube up and down their body, and then blow on the wet areas for an extra tingle. Keep in mind that the sweet spots are the neck, nipples, and abdomen. To balance out the cold with a bit of heat, consider using a massage candle. The wax from a massage candle gives you a warm sensation without the sometimes dangerous burn of a regular candle’s wax. It becomes massage oil when it touches the skin, so make sure to rub it (and yourself) all over their unsuspecting body.

Channel your fantasies.

Blindfold presents an awesome opportunity to explore your fantasies. After all, wearing a blindfold forces you to visualize what your partner is doing, or paint a different picture. Let your imagination take over or explore some options for roleplay. 

For example, you can be a dominatrix or pretend you’re stranded on an island, being seduced by a faceless native on a sandy beach. This is a harmless way to enhance your sex life and get a taste of kink, without stepping outside your relationship. You can even let your partner in on the fantasy and try some dirty talk together. Make it sensual, seductive, or raunchy as hell. If the mood is right, ask your partner to share a fantasy they’ve been dreaming about. Fantasies are one step closer to the world of kink, so play this up or down as much as you want.

Get down to business.

Blindfolds can also make penetrative sex super hot. As I mentioned earlier, the loss of vision heightens your senses, making sex feel all the more intense. Let’s break it down by position:


I know missionary may sound a bit dull, but keeping it old school will teach you more about your bodies and how to move them when sight is not on your side. Missionary will also prove that “the less you see, the more you can feel.” With your bodies pressed against each other, there’s no other position that puts two people closer.

You can discover the angles that feel the most pleasure and make every thrust special as you hone in on the physical connection you create with your partner.

Sex on a Chair

The only thing sexier than a lap dance is the kind that you never see coming… Oh, and that also includes sex. For this move, let your partner take a seat on a chair, fully blindfolded, while you control the fun. Turn on a raunchy playlist, let your body feel the rhythm, and begin to dance, as their senses go into overdrive.

Taking a Stand

The walls and doorways in your bedroom are more valuable than you think! Why? Because these spots are perfect to have sex standing up. They do require you to think closely about each movement you make, and wearing a blindfold can help you do just that. Start off facing the wall with your body leaning up against it and have your partner enter you from behind. Your only job is to hold yourself up and move with your lover; since you’ve got the blindfold on, it’s up to them to drive your senses wild.

*   *   *

It’s funny how something as simple as a piece of lace fabric with a tie can take a sex session from regular to unbelievably erotic. These are just a few ideas, but the opportunities for blindfold play are endless! Lay back, give your eyes a break and let the fun begin.