Best Of: How to Squirt & Find Your G-Spot w/ Deborah Sundahl

Every vulva owner can learn how to squirt. Deborah Sundahl reveals what female ejaculate is and how to find your G-Spot in the mirror.

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How to Train Your Vagina

Understanding your pelvic floor and the steps to achieve the top 3 sex goals of vulva owners: internal orgasms, squirting, and multiple orgasms.

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Non-Penetrative Orgasms w/ Violet Benson

From swearing off penetrative sex to quitting playing games, Violet Benson shares how she creates the sex life that truly work for her.

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5 Reasons to Add Anal Play to Your Masturbation Routine

Let’s begin in the most beginner-friendly way possible: by experimenting on yourself.

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Squirting Setbacks, Threesome Hangups & Other Sex Anxieties

I help callers work through their fears around sex: “Am I peeing or squirting?” “Will my partner fall in love with the third in a threesome?”

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Your Guide to Mutual Masturbation

It’s a “win-win” for everyone.

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Sexy Summer Pack List: The Seven Essentials

Here’s what you actually need on your trip, for a guaranteed hot time. 

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Slut-Shaming & Self-Blaming w/ Elise Loehnen

Author Elise Loehnen discusses the cultural forces that teach women to be desirable rather than desiring and shame themselves & other women.

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4 Penis Problems and 4 Ways to Solve Them

Sex positions aren’t just fun to play with: they’re strategic.

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Love Bombing, Breadcrumbing & Modern Dating

It can be difficult to meet new people and cultivate romantic relationships. I help you solve the modern dating problems you’re running into.

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