Oral Sex Essentials

How do we bring amazing oral into our sex lives? I help you upgrade your oral sex skills so you can blow more than just their mind.

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Sex Drive Boosting Workouts

A training program that meets your sex goals.

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I High-Key Fantasize About…

Our sexual fantasies help us understand ourselves better. From nipple and prostate play to voyeurism, I help you turn them into a reality.

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Gifts For Every Turn On: Valentine’s Day Guide 2023

Picture this: It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re crushing it. How? Because you’re not just gifting your… Read more »

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Mental Health = Sexual Wealth

Whether it’s anxiety in your relationship or dissatisfaction in your sex life, I help you heal mental blocks so your sex drive can thrive.

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Penis Problems? Not Anymore

From erection issues to sex-related injuries, we’re normalizing penis problems and providing tools to help mend your member.

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Porn, Orgasms & A Kink On the Rise

From porn and mental health to a kink on the rise, these are some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Sex With Emily.

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Unlock Your Hidden Orgasms

There are more pathways to orgasms than you realize. I give you creative ways to climax so you can unlock even more pleasure during sex.

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When it’s Time to Unplug, Plug in a Magic Wand

I’m talking about the Magic Wand. 

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How Sexually Compatible Are You?

If you feel like your relationship is on cruise control, listen to this episode to build better sex, dating and relationship habits.

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