Manifest Your Best Sex Life w/ Gabby Bernstein

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with #1 NYT Bestselling author Gabby Bernstein.… Read more »

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Hotline Calls: Squirting, Toys & Threesomes

I answer your questions about picking up new sex skills. From finding others to bring into your play, to learning how to squirt on your own.

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How to Squirt (For Real)

Consider this Squirting 101

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Seduce Yourself: Solo Sex Tips

It’s the season of love – self love! I share the benefits of solo sex, from understanding your body to giving serious pleasure.

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AITA for Watching Porn While in a Relationship?

Ever wondered: AITA for watching porn without my partner knowing? AITA for just feeling plain bored with our sex life? I let you know.

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The Psychology of Your Kink

Ever wondered why you get turned on by certain things?

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Orgasms, Explained.

What’s actually happening in your body when you have an orgasm? I explain how to have different kinds of orgasms, like G-spot and dry orgasms.

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How to Give a Prostate Massage

No matter your sexual orientation, prostate massage feels absolutely amazing during partnered sex or solo play.

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How to Bounce Back from a Sex Slump w/ Dr. Emily Nagoski

I’m sharing a LIVE conversation with Dr. Emily Nagoski. We discuss the Pleasure Thieves and why it’s okay to stop sex once it’s already started.

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​​Your February Solo Sex Challenge

Are you ready lovers? Let’s dive in.

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