Sexy Summer Pack List: The Seven Essentials

black woman in yellow bikini on curvy body with drops of sweat during summer vacation on hot day.

You know when you’re packing for a trip, and you run a mental checklist of things you always forget? Socks, underwear, toothbrush…

Well, here’s an article you might want to save and use for your next getaway. 

Because while vacations should be all about relaxation, it’s easy to forget your sexy somethings at home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laid in a hotel bed, thinking to myself: “Damn, really? Left my vibrator at home? AGAIN?”

Here’s what you actually need on your trip, for a guaranteed hot time. 

1.) Your Sex Toys (+ All Those Damn Chargers)

There is no greater frustration than being right in the middle of solo sex, right about to orgasm, and your vibe charge goes out. A true hell-hath-no-fury moment. So remember those chargers: pack them alongside your other cords (phone, laptop, etc.) for safe-keeping.

As for the toys themselves: they’re TSA-approved for carry-on and checked bags, so happy travels, friends. Pro tip: check to see if your toy has a lock button, so that it doesn’t accidentally vibe while you’re on the plan. Or, you know, while going through security. 

2.) Kissing Supplies

Toothbrush and floss, you already have. But it’s annoying to carry mouthwash, because regular bottles are typically over the 3.4 ounces limit. So if you want to kiss your partner on the plane – mints it is!

Unless, of course, you’ve got a sweet travel size, and even better if the mouthwash in question actually works. I’m a fan of SmartMouth, because it uses zinc ions to kill sulfur gasses: the real cause of bad breath in your mouth and throat. Just swish a little, et voila! Twenty-four hours of carefree kissing potential, zero worries TSA will snatch it away at security. A full one-week supply of SmartMouth’s dual-pour bottle that can easily fit in your purse, backpack, suitcase – even your pocket.

3.) Lube

Speaking of liquids, go ahead and throw this one in your toiletries bag. Trust me – you’ll be so glad you did. 

Womaness makes one that I can’t stop talking about these days: Coco Bliss, which not only gives you a sexy slip, but doubles as a sensual massage lotion. That’s because it’s got coconut oil as a base, making it a rather beachy choice to soothe dry skin anywhere. When you’re ready to get down, simply apply to your genitals the exact same way you’d do as a lube – and enjoy how amazing you smell in the process.

4.) Bluetooth Speaker

Creating a playlist for sexy times is so fun. But you know what’s a bummer? Cranking your phone volume up to max and barely hearing your specially curated music. 

So toss a durable Bluetooth speaker in your bag, one that rates highly for connectivity. Because seeing the words “unable to connect” right before sex is…not an omen, but definitely annoying.

5.) Blindfold 

Is it a silk scarf? Or is it something to cover my lover’s eyes, and whisper dirty stuff in their ear? Oh, what’s this: more scarves! To tie them to the bedpost, you say?

Whether it’s a scarf, a necktie, or an actual silk blindfold, remember to pack light, easy-to-compress accessories, for a kinky good time while you’re traveling. 

6.) Sexy Undies

Is your travel underwear a little utilitarian? I get it. You’re on the move, you want to be comfortable. Just don’t forget to throw in briefs / lingerie / underthings that legit make you feel hot, too. It will make a difference as you’re tucking yourself into bed.

My hack for this is a flat zip pouch, that you can back separately in a larger suitcase. That way, your sexy things aren’t getting mixed around with your “practical underwear,” and you can retrieve them easily when the mood is on. 

7.) Flushable Cleansing Wipes

To freshen up after sex, both for your genitals or your sex toys. Sex is messy, which is nothing to be ashamed of. But keep your high Airbnb review! And bring your own toilet-friendly wipes. You will feel so hygienic and responsible. Next to condoms, this is the disposable item I always recommend for sex-positive travel. 

Look at you, so prepared for a sexy summer. Now open your bag of tricks, and go have some fun.

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