All About Audio Erotica

woman in white one piece bathing suit bottom half next to headphones listening to audio erotica

Imagine a sexy voice whispering naughty things into your ear… hot right? Well, now you don’t have to imagine it at all. You can click a button and order it. With the increasing popularity of podcast content, audio erotica is all the rage nowadays. 

What is audio-erotica?

Audio erotica is a genre of content that is essentially “porn for the ears”. Whereas regular porn is visual, audio erotica is made for listening, which can appeal especially to women or femme-identifying people. Fun fact: men tend to be more visual-minded, whereas women reportedly respond more to audio stimulation.

While all gender identities are drawn to audio porn, women seem to flock to it the most. As explained by Forbes:

Research by sex education platform OMGYes and The Kinsey Institute found that 90% of women use “mental framing” to turn off distracting thoughts and focus on the pleasure. Many described running through narrative fantasies in their head to get in the mood. As understanding and acceptance of the role of the imagination in female arousal increases, the market for sexy storytelling is surely going to grow.

Where can you find audio erotica?

Dipsea, Ferly, Quinn and other apps and websites are getting in on the sexy action and trying to pick up on the podcasting craze. You can also find steamy content on places like GirlOnTheNet, Voxxx, and Bawdy Storytelling.

Why get into audio erotica now?

We are in the golden age of audio content and of primarily female led and driven audio erotica. Moreover, our technology has made it even more accessible to our everyday lives. As Refinery29 put it:

Headphones are better quality than they have ever been and speakers are now available in every room, all linked up with bluetooth technology. We are permanently hooked in. Is there any wonder we’re now turning to audio for our porn, too?

As more of us spend time on our phones and realize the impact of our eyes being glued to a screen, listening while relaxing or multi-tasking has begun to show its advantages. Commutes are taken up by listening, so it is a natural switch to try audio erotica now.

It’s better now.

The content is not your grandma’s audio porn. Due to the influx of capital to growing sex tech startups, more money is being put into high quality production. Even more exciting is the fact that audio erotica has the history and capability of fitting into the category of ethical porn. With its deemphasis on objectifying bodies and popcornizing sex, audio erotica could very well be the least problematic type of porn.

Better still, the diversity of stories in audio erotica provides plenty of choices for listeners who have felt left out of the mainstream porn content machines. From lesbian, to kink, to BDSM, top performing audio erotica tends to span the gamut of sexual pleasures.

Incorporate audio erotica into your sex life

Solo or partnered, listening to audio erotica can be titillating, stimulating and empowering. Because there is more anonymity of the writers/performers with audio porn, and no visuals, there is more room for the listeners’ imagination.

Solo Audio

Listening to audio erotica can be a very intimate act you do for yourself. Try taking time out to search for a type of story that you are in the mood for. For example, you might be in a more calm, sensual mood. You could do a search for “sensual sex stories” or “massage parlor sex”. 

Or if you are in more of an amped up mood and want something more naughty and action-based, do a search for your favorite kink. Once you find your story, check out its length and turn off your phone notifications, light a candle, maybe grab some love oil to rub on yourself, find a comfortable spot on your bed, close your eyes and relax. Really indulge. Maybe get out your vibrator or your favorite sex toy (this one by Zumio is great), or just use your hands and stroke yourself.

Partnered Audio

If you are partnered, consider listening to a sexy story together. It can bond you to your partner and you might learn more about their desires by simply doing a search together for a story you would both enjoy. Maybe get out some new lingerie. Include touch, hand-holding, maybe a massage with oil, as well as cuddling as the story begins. Again, indulge in the story by closing your eyes and letting your imagination really fill in the gaps. If the mood strikes you, go ahead and get down if you simply can’t wait for the story to end. Start it back up again after you finish sex. Then have a conversation about what you really enjoyed. This debriefing can reap dividends in your sex life.

Set yourself up for some hot, steamy sexy time by making a date (either with yourself or a partner), and try some audio erotica ASAP.

Emily Anne is a bestselling author, sex coach and educator, who specializes in helping people expand their sexual horizons through BDSM and kink. When she’s not obsessively talking about sex, she’s hiking through the Hollywood Hills. Get some sexy education on her Instagram feed