Best Of: Sheila Kelley

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Sheila Kelley is a moment, a mantra, and the founder of S-Factor: a feminine movement practice that offers classes in strip, pole dance, and erotic dance. “We live from the armpits up, and get trapped away from our bodies,” Sheila says. So her passion is to free people through movement, so they can return to their bodies, and have more energy to move towards what they want. This is a gem-filled conversation that you’re going to want to pause several times, so you can take in Sheila’s explosive wisdom…and apply it immediately to your daily life.

Plus, I take your questions! We’re all venturing into brave new worlds today, and need advice. What to do when you’re dating as a grown woman, with kids in their 20s – but the men you’re matching with are young adults too? Is that a problem? We discuss. Next: is it possible to get “orgasm addicted” to porn? I talk you through it. And finally, beginnings and endings: how do you begin your anal sex journey? How do you end a marriage as you knew it? As Sheila says, it’s all an incremental journey of self-investment and growth — and by the end of this episode, you’ll have done a bit of both. 

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