The Best Sex Toys for Men & Women

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I’m talking about my favorite topic- masturbation and the best sex toys for men and women. In a word filled with crazy, awesome, vibrating sex toys, it can be hard to choose a sex toy. Are you a clitoral stimulation kind of a girl or a G-spot gal? Are you a size queen or are you looking for something cute and discreet? Do you want a couples toy or do you want it all to yourself? Of course, sex toys aren’t just for the girls (check out the Fleshlight guys!). My guest, Sex Toy Expert Anne Hodder, and I discuss some surprising ways men enjoy the vibrations too, and how they can use sex toys on their partner. Anne and I have tried and reviewed hundreds of sex toys so we can tell you the best sex toys for your preferences and needs. You’re welcome. I do it all for you… and the orgasms. 
You can get almost all the vibrators we discuss on the show at Good Vibrations.  Anne and I agree that one of the best vibrators for couple play and solo play is the Je Joue MiMi, and the best sex toy for men is the Fleshlight. If you’re looking for great G-spot action or anal play, NJoy is simply the best. Get them all at Good Vibrations and Fleshlight .