Emily’s Blind Tinder Date: Live!

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Emily’s been spotted on the popular Tinder dating app. The app is all the rage as you swipe left of right to “like” or “reject” a prospect. If they like you too, it’s a match. Some call it ‘the hook up’ app and yet others have found true love. Too busy with work, yet always with her iPhone Emily joins the app and brings in her Tinder date to the studio for the first live date ever during the podcast. Emily goes all the way in making the date the full experience with dimmed colored lighting, wine and of course a few Emily & Tony massage candles.

Anderson comes up with a code phrase in case the date’s a bust. Her date, “Chad”, isn’t afraid to get into his past, voice his opinion (about everything….) and give Emily a hard time. The two get into marriage, why relationships fail and sex as you age. Chad reveals secrets about his past and Emily shares her dating patterns. As the date progresses, the differing outlooks between the two become more apparent but maybe opposites attract? Tune in to find out!



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