SWE – Vajazzle

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Are your lady parts as sparkly as they could be? A listener is considering pimping out her vulva but neither Emily nor Menace can get behind the move. A listener makes a bold proposal for Emily and Menace, and the rules for breaking out fantasies in the bedroom are laid out. Adrift in her man-atorium, Emily goes on a cruise and seeks solace in aqua-aerobics with old ladies. Meanwhile Menace goes to a rapping wedding and navigates the treacherous seas of the Friend Zone.

Emily splurges on lingerie, and gives advice to a listener regarding online dating and reality-based dating, stressing the importance of putting yourself out there. Lady Gaga claims to give herself mental orgasms, prompting much philosophizing about climax. And what’s that? Could it be the Great Handjob Debate rearing its head? You got it.