SWE – Sex Addict

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Emily has a perfect weekend, bike riding and wine tasting with her mom in Sonoma. Someone is getting married in Sonoma and Emily’s mom wants her to walk down the abandoned aisle because she’s worried she won’t see it in real life.

Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot and waited seven years to change his relationship status on Facebook. Emily is following Zuckerberg’s lead while Menace thinks that not changing your relationship status means you’re keeping your options open. Also, Menace wears female deodorant and Emily approves. Why not?

Pheromone parties with your dirty t-shirt, the Vamp vibrator that shimmers in the sunlight like Edward Cullen, and the video game that gives you a free vibrator.

How War of Warcraft can destroy your sex life and how to tell if you’re addicted to sex or just really, really like it.