Comedian Erik Griffin Has Sex With Emily

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Emily’s guest tonight is comedian Erik Griffin from Comedy Central’s show Workaholics. Emily and Erik talk about the reality of digital dating today. They discuss the art of flirting on the Tinder dating app, sex myths, mismatched libidos and women that “collect men like comic books.” They also debate whether or not sex is the most important thing in a relationship.

The talk about “Friends with Benefits,” relationships,  the importance of communication in bed and the thrill of pleasing your partner. They discuss turning your insecurities into swagger as well as why being hot isn’t all that matters when you’re looking for the perfect partner!

Emily and Erik answer emails from listeners and give advice to a woman who has trouble orgasming during sex and hilariously reveal why communication is the ultimate lubrication!

Emily gives Erik advice on how to get one step closer to getting the perfect blow job (apparently he hasn’t one yet) and even motivates him to adjust his Tinder settings. Dating a bit older might get him just want he needs in the bedroom.


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