Hot Sex with STIs w/ Dr. Ina Park

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Dr. Emily Morse, STI

Fact: Your STI doesn’t make you ANY less sexy! In today’s episode, I’m joined by the author of Strange Bedfellows and medical consultant, Dr. Ina Park who has made it her life’s work to reduce the shame and stigma associated with sexually transmitted infections, AKA, STIs. Ina shares everything you need to know if you or someone you’re sleeping with is infected, how to reduce your risk of transmission, and when to disclose your status to a partner.
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We also discuss Ina’s #1 tip for STI prevention, what to know about how your personal grooming can impact transmission and a surprising discovery about The Bachelor’s casting process. Finally, we answer your questions about transmission through oral sex, when it’s possible to get intimate without a condom and why having an STI isn’t a death sentence for your relationships. Let’s ditch the shame and bring on the sex.

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