How To Keep the Honeymoon Vibes Alive

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honeymoon, Dr. Emily Morse

Ahh, the honeymoon phase. You know that euphoric period of time at the beginning of a relationship where your partner seems perfect and you can’t keep your hands off one another? Fast forward a few months (or sometimes years) and that initial spark begins to fade and those feel-good chemicals start to wear off. What then? Today, I share why the honeymoon phase is so intoxicating, why our feelings change over time, and how to strengthen your relationship so that it survives the initial fading of happy hormones.
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I answer your questions about what to do when your partner asks you to be in a threesome but it’s not your fantasy, how to communicate to your partner that their Instagram habits make you uncomfortable, and what to do when you feel like you have become more friends than lovers with your significant other.