Real Self, Real Sex w/ Jeffrey Marsh

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Jeffrey Marsh

On today’s show, I am joined by activist, author, and queer commentator Jeffrey Marsh to discuss all things gender. Regardless of how you identify, Jeffrey’s radical self-acceptance will help you to gain a new perspective, have a different understanding of yourself and allow you to stop any negative self-talk. They break down the difference between confidence self-acceptance, how fearlessly demanding respect from others frees you up to fully be yourself, and their experience as the first openly non-binary person on television.
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We share the basics of gender pronouns, the difference between being trans and non-binary, how gender differs from sexual orientation, and how parents can support their children regardless of their identity. We also dive into Jeffrey’s book How to Be You, what happens during meditation and self-care journeys, and why learning to ask for what you need is crucial for healthy relationships.

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