Relationship Red Flags & Green Flags

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We’ve all heard of red flags in relationships, but let’s be honest: sometimes, they can be terribly hard to spot. Especially when you really want a relationship to work, or, if the other person is super hot. (Am I right?) That’s why I’m bringing you a special episode today, focused on all things red flags — and green flags — with my two favorite voices on the matter, psychologist and author Dr. Ramani, and YouTube’s (and probably the world’s) favorite dating coach, Matthew Hussey. 


Dr. Ramani and I take a deep dive on narcissism, and talk through things like love bombing, devaluation, and the different types of narcissists out there — as well as the personality types who tend to fall for them. And if you’re thinking, “I wouldn’t possibly fall for that nonsense,” think again! These folks are master manipulators, and at their core, deeply insecure. Next, Matthew Hussey walks us through our own less-than-ideal tendencies, such as: why we keep going for aloof and unavailable people, how we repeat painful patterns from our childhood, and how we ignore someone’s inconvenient truth. But Matthew also tells us what to look for when we’re dating someone new, such as curiosity, equal investment, and consistency with words and actions. If you’re dating right now, listen to this episode — twice. 


Show Notes:

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