Ask Emily

Best Of: Conscious, Casual Sex

On today’s throwback episode, I’ll be teaching you how to dive into casual sex with purpose and channel your inner Samantha Jones.


Answering Your Questions, Loveline-Style w/ Dr. Drew

In celebration of my career leading up to my new book Smart Sex (out today!), Dr. Drew Pinsky and I answer your questions Loveline-style.


The Sex Lives of College Students

What do you wish you knew about pleasure in college? From making casual hookups pleasure to finding your people, here’s advice we all wish we knew then.


Conscious, Casual Sex

Casual sex gets a bad rap. In this show, I parse out all the different types of casual sex out there, and offer some research that may surprise you.

Health & Wellness

Boys, Sex and Masculinity w/ Peggy Orenstein

In this episode, you’ll learn how even in the shadow of #MeToo, boys are still confused about having mutually fulfilling sex, while still being a “man.”