Boys, Sex and Masculinity w/ Peggy Orenstein

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Where do men get their earliest messages about sex and intimacy? Why do they talk about banging / pounding / hitting it (like they’re at a construction site), and how does this conditioning affect your sex life – no matter your gender? Peggy Ornstein is the author of several iconic books on teens and sex, but on today’s fan favorite episode, she joins me to talk about Boys & Sex: a fascinating account of young men as they navigate hookups, porn and relationships, as told by the boys she interviewed. 


In this episode, you’ll learn how even in the shadow of #MeToo, boys are still confused about having mutually fulfilling sex, while still being a “man.” Listen – when it comes to masculinity, Peggy is an expert.  She explains why she doesn’t love the term “toxic masculinity.” She recognizes that men get a confusing message: be dominant, but don’t be too aggressive. Reporting from the front lines of bro culture, Peggy reveals the sex conundrum that men so often find themselves in, and ways we can all evolve to have relationships that are more interesting, more erotic, and more emotionally intelligent. 


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