Why People Cheat & Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

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This episode is about why people cheat and the best Valentine’s Day Gifts to buy her. (Heck, if you’re single, I’m talking about the best gifts to buy yourself.)

There are many theories about why people cheat, including fear of intimacy, unfulfilled desires in a relationship, and the need for validation from others. Some people think they can get away with it and have no intention of sleeping with one person, no matter what they committed to their partner. Ultimately, a lot of people cheat because they’re afraid, weak, or simply do not possess the skills to confront their partner about problems in the relationship. Instead of breaking up or working on a relationship, people have affairs. No matter if it’s bedroom boredom, a lackluster relationship, or the sexy barista, there’s no excuse for cheating. In this show I address why people cheat, how to spot the signs of cheating, and what to do if your partner cheats on you.

I also talk about the best vibrators for couples and the best vibrators for all the single ladies. Why get roses and chocolate for Valentine’s Day when you can give her multiple orgasms?