5 Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

There are certain times in life where shorter is always better, like taking a trip to the DMV. But when it comes to the bedroom, we’re here to help you last as long as you need to.

If there’s one thing most people are dying to know, it’s how “normal” they are compared to everyone else. But we know the average post-foreplay romp lasts between 7 and 9 minutes. Which is great for the guys who typically only need about five minutes to get to the finish line, but sometimes it can be nice to have the option to last even longer. While the orgasm gap is alive and well, there’s nothing to fear. So, after sliding a few of these sexy yet simple tricks up your sleeve, you, too, can uncover the secret of longer, more satisfying sex!


When you’re the penetrator, getting a little over-excited is totally understandable. And whether it’s a natural reaction or due to something more biological, an answer could lie in the magic of a delay spray. A topical product engineered to prolong ejaculation, Promescent is a game-changing elixir for not only those who experience premature ejaculation, but anyone who wants to last longer in bed, period. With just a few spritzes and ten minutes of wait time, the formula absorbs just below the skin’s surface, where all of the key nerve endings that control climax happen to dwell. In return, it numbs your member just enough to tack on a few extra, confidence-boosting minutes to your sultry love session, and won’t transfer to your partner either.


Teasing to please, orgasm control, the art of antici…pation—whatever you want to call it, the practice of edging can be a slow-burning solution to all your uncontrollably hasty woes. By delaying your orgasm multiple times during sex or masturbation, you’re lengthening the experience while repeatedly flexing all of those pelvic floor muscles. And since we know toned PC’s equal increased stamina as well as stronger orgasms, you can build your way up to a fiery grand finale unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Slowing Things Down

 Whether consciously or not, the more you obsess about finishing, the more focus you lose on maximizing pleasure along the way. Instead, try savoring the moment and being truly present with your partner. Even practicing something as simple as breathing provides the chance to center yourself and not stress about the pressure of how “fast” you are (or aren’t) performing. By paying attention to every touch and move, and all the sensations that each elicits, you’re bound to find even more enjoyment in the experience that also happens to last a lot longer, too.

Karezza Men’s Daily

We’ve praised plants for their medicinal uses, well, since the dawn of time. So, it makes perfect sense for the torch to be carried into realms of sexual enhancement. Herein enters Karezza—and more specifically, its Men’s Daily formula. Combining CBD hemp oil with a synergetic mix of body-backing botanicals, this plant-based oral spray helps support the bodily system to intensify arousal and enjoyment felt during intimacy. And while this is just one of the brand’s three wellness-propelling formulas, the targeted effects of Men’s Daily in particular could be just the thing to help all the guys out there get the most out of their prolonged sexcapades.



A more long-term solution that combats ED is a unique shockwave treatment called GAINSWave. Using the power of non-invasive, low-intensity soundwaves, this regimen helps break up micro-plaque formations to increase blood flow throughout the penis. And by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, patients can see long-lasting, revolutionary results in restored erectile quality. It also enhances sensitivity and amps up sexual performance overall! Which means heightened abilities to curb your climaxes so that you feel less performance anxiety in the moment.


There’s no denying the fun that comes with lasting longer in bed, but boosted sexual confidence, satisfaction and intimacy in general are fantastic added perks. So, if you’re looking for an erotic extension to get your sex life on a more fulfilling track, you won’t regret giving any of these tips a shot.

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