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Everyone gets turned on differently, but have you ever thought about the type of arousal that turns you on best?
Maybe you need to be relaxed before, or you want something kinkier to get you in the mood. One thing many of us can agree on though, is that sexual tension may be the best arousal technique around.
Sex Coach Pam Costa shares her “energetic” experience in her Down to There blog…

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Things are really looking up for people with disabilities. It’s 2017, and our dating game is stronger than ever. We are out and on the prowl, looking for our next big love or our next late night romp. Though we hope that every new person we meet has the kindness to respect our disability, sometimes we just end up being the first disabled person to ever cross their path and things get really uncomfortable really quickly.

If that ends up being you, and you wind up meeting an incredible, sexy, disabled human, I’ve got a few easy tricks up my sleeve to welcome them into your life (and maybe even your bedroom) without offending anyone.

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